Christmas at Palm Beach 1998

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Barbara S Martin (1912 - 2001)
Maiden name
Ken and Ba at the Xmas Lunch Pamela Kish (Italian Kiss) Sylvia and Pamela drinking the best Bob Joss and grandchild at
La Palma
brentdance.jpg Brentpresent.jpg chairdance.jpg Craig.jpg craigA.jpg
Brent showing some new dancing moves Brent getting a Christmas present Dancing on the furniture one night... Nothing else going on in Palm Beach. Craig at Watsons Bay Craig.. before the BBQ catching up on a beer. It was rollerblading.... so don't ask!!
craigjenny.jpg Jennypresents.jpg JillSi.jpg jillspinnaker2.jpg jillspinnaker.jpg
Jenny and Craig blending into the background. Jenny up with Ba and the Kids. Simon and Jill lining up the glasses. Jill and Spinnaker with Nigels partner. Nigel's partner trying to get Spinnaker back!
Kazlisa.jpg Kaznfood.jpg KaznRyan.jpg kenali.jpg kenalikiss.jpg
Kaz and Lisa after some Scuba Diving and a christmas lunch. Kaz playing host... with one hand. Kaz and Ryan (Congratulations) required a Tall-Angle Lense. Ken falling asleep in the upright position. Ken kissing all the girls.
KenandBrentBal.jpg kenbaci.jpg Kendinnertable.jpg kenhero.jpg Kenkissmad.jpg
Ken trying to get Brent's Iridium Phone number so he can call him all the time. Brent laughing! Ken with his next flame...... Where's Craig? Ken directing traffic to the dinner table.... Before anyone else gets there! Ken and Nigel just before the Sydney to Hobart. Nigel was pulled from the ocean trying to help an injured sailor. Ken with another kiss.... Madison trying to out do him.... already!
KenPresents.jpg lam.jpg LaPalma.jpg lover.jpg MadAliNick.jpg
Ken with all his presents.... He is actually waist high. Madison getting her first modeling lessons from Lisa. With Nick on Patrol. Thank you dinner at La Palma restaurant where managed to cover everybody with mud crab.... Bouibase was fantastic. Craig with that evil look in his eye. Madison getting in front of the camera now.... with Nick still on patrol.
madandyas.jpg MadBalap.jpg MadBalap3.jpg MadBalap5.jpg madg.jpg
Yaz teaching Mad how to use a toothbrush... Ba and Madison Ba falling asleep first Ba wondering where her glasses went. Madison with her first set of glasses.
madidspinnaker3.jpg Madison.jpg madispinnaker.jpg madispinnaker2.jpg MadnCraig.jpg
Madison and Spinnaker.....
Poor dog... excitable Mad...
Madison in a party dress being the center of atention. Spinakker learns to dance with Madison. Dog recovery squad! Craig teaching Madison Dominos and dancing.
madpush.jpg madstroll.jpg magboy.jpg martins2.jpg Martins3.jpg
Madison and Ba learning to walk.... half an hour later! Ken mixing drinks. Ba and daughters back together again.... And again....
NickandYaz.jpg nickjill2.jpg nickmad.jpg NickYazglass.jpg NickYazLove.jpg
Stevie Wonder and Yaz. Jill in her element. Nick and Madison wrestling.....
Guess whos winning?
Nick after the shortness operation..... in disguise as Stevie Wonder. Nick trying to be careful of the next kid.....
nik.jpg NorthHead.jpg Patterns.jpg ryan.jpg ryancass.jpg
49 Green bottles ... sitting on the wall.....and if... View of North Head from South Head. Sydney Australia Patten family and Ba... Ryan at night... Thats right he is glowing... Ryan and the woman in red getting excited again.... Hands....
samlucy.jpg simon.jpg siryan.jpg SydneyCity.jpg syl.jpg
Sam telling foot jokes again! Simon retelling the foot joke. Simon and Ryan making up. Sydney from South Head. Sylvia getting her first red present... ever...
sylbacidance.jpg sylbacidance2.jpg SylKenhappy.jpg table.jpg Thegirls.jpg
Doing the Post stop????? Just girls being cheeky! Lousy shot of Ken and Sylvia. Dining was always a gathering... The girls pretending they are on a boat..... Bad swell...
  Christmas Pudding   Nick looking for his next baby... Birds and the bees Nick.... Good Luck from Craig and Pamela