Stancliff Flats are located at 68 Wyargine Street, Balmoral Beach. They occupy Lots 27, 47 and 48 of SP 4856 and overlook the northern end of Balmoral Beach.

The main building (built in 1951) consists of a five-storey block of apartments. It faces the water and was built against a sandstone escarpment and constructed of brick with a hipped roof of terracotta tiles. The building includes a lift tower, though a lift was never installed, and a series of concrete suspended walkways at the rear of the building which provide access to the building. 


On 14 April 1923 an application was approved to build an amphitheatre on the corner of Wyargine Street and Stanton Road. The site consisted of Lots 27, 47 and 48 owned by Mary Rocke and the applicant was architect, Justelius and Son. The value of the work was estimated at 10,000 pounds.